Monday, July 2, 2012

I Don't Own a Cat

I'm not a cat person.  That's what I'd been saying up until two years ago.  I was dating Jason (who is now my husband) and I remember the day his daughter Krysta brought a kitten home from the shelter.  She named him Poe (as in Edgar Allen).  I kept my distance because, like I said, I was not a cat person.  Several months later, Jason and Krysta moved in with me.  I admit I wasn't crazy about the idea of having a cat in my house, but since Krysta was changing houses and high schools just so her father and I could be together, I decided to give it a chance.  Again, even though the cat was in my house, I kept my emotional distance.  I didn't pet him or pay him much attention.  We simply existed together in the same space.

A couple of weeks later, Krysta left to visit her mother in California and left Poe home for us to take care of.  I was just going to let my husband do it, but Poe had other plans.  He missed Krysta, and longed for someone to pay him some attention.  I think he considered it a challenge to try to win me over.  He slept in the bed with us one night, right beside my head.  I only know this because my husband told me.  I'm a sound sleeper and never knew it.  If I had woke up to see Poe next to my head, I'm sure I would have pushed him off the bed.  I'm not a mean person, but I can experience temporary moments of meanness when I first wake up.

A few days after, I was taking a nap on the couch and woke up to hear the purring of a cat.  I looked to see a cat curled up on my belly.  Yes, indeed.  I just had to smile and pet Poe on the head.  He was becoming quite taken with me, but I wasn't quite ready to admit that the feeling was mutual.

Finally, one day as I was sitting on the couch watching TV, Poe brought me one of his toy mice, which was his way of asking me to throw it so he can fetch it, although up until that moment, he only played fetch with Krysta and no one else.  I guess he thought I was special.  I threw the mouse, and he brought it back to me.  I threw it again and he brought it back to me.  My husband laughed and said he thought I would never own a cat.  I DON'T own a cat.  He owns me.  :)

So, Krysta is gone again for a few weeks this summer so Poe has been lonely and looking for extra attention.  We've been playing fetch tonight, and I finally remembered to record it with the video camera.  I uploaded it to YouTube tonight, link below, so watch it and see this fetching feline for yourself.

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